We Are WARN: Women Against Radicalisation Network

We are WARN

At the Women Against Radicalisation Network (WARN), our mission is to fight radicalisation through education, empowerment and engagement. We have the power to educate future generations, inspire agents of change and protect the vulnerable against radicalisation.

WARN is about providing a platform for all women from all backgrounds to come together to discuss and find ways to fight extremism, reaching women and children in their community. Everyone has the opportunity to give their views on the topics we discuss and to bring up any issues they may be facing. We can not, and will not, sit back and watch as extremists and their twisted ideas take over our homes and our communities, but we can only win this fight through coming together as one and helping one another.

We advocate and fight for human rights, particularly women’s rights and campaign actively against domestic violence, FGM and Honor-based violence.

Upcoming workshops can be viewed here: https://warn.org.uk/workshops/

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Boxes of Love and Joy

Every year leading up to Christmas, the shoe box appeal is promoted in schools, churches and in local communities, encouraging people to share love and joy to children globally. The shoe box appeal organized by T4U is a global, missionary cause that spreads love and joy to children in Middle Eastern and Asian countries.

The organisation, Teams 4 U (T4U) run a variety of global projects including the shoe box appeal, which endeavor to support children’s rights, including health and education.
Today is also International Day of the Child, (coinciding well with the purpose of this blog)and as Christmas is approaching, I encourage you all to share some love to children; fill a box of love and joy!

A single box of children’s toys may be the only gift a child receives this Christmas. Filling a shoe box with children’s toys and dropping it off at your nearest drop off point

More information on what to include in a shoe box and where to deliver it:

Be the reason a child smiles this Christmas – spread some love and joy ❤

Much love to you all ❤

Incredible Women!

October is domestic violence awareness month.

1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Each week 2 women are killed, and 30 men are killed per year year as a result of this [1].

On October 25th, myself and my incredible friend; Celeste, arranged to lead a community workshop on domestic violence at the Himaya Haven, in Sparkbrook, Birmingham.

It was started off with a personal testimony shared by Celeste, which fostered an open discussion  with the attendees sharing their own personal experiences of domestic abuse, voicing issues such as honor based violence, toxic masculinity, victim-blaming, the breadth of domestic abuse (such as emotional abuse, financial control, controlling behaviours, etc) and the range of challenging and traumatic situations people find themselves in when experiencing domestic violence.

Following the discussion, everyone was given a handmade, painted card with the words “I am” written on the back, with 2 lines underneath. I asked all attendees to write down positive affirmations about themselves which they could keep (I am loved. I am precious, etc). This was to help boost self-esteem and give the women something to keep for themselves after the event.

After a short coffee break, Celeste then went into delivering her facial and skincare session, where she gave the women a chance to try out different moisturisers, oils and creams, and make them look and feel beautiful and refreshed. This event was very well received by the women who attended who expressed their thanks and gratitude.

Here are some comments shared by the attendees:

“I found it really inspiring. I was touched by Celeste’s story and I loved the way she delivered it! I felt so welcomed here!”

“I loved the pampering session at the end!”

“I liked the other women’s stories and would like more workshops like this”


Many thanks to my incredible friend, Celeste, who came and gave her testimony and shared her skills and wisdom on beauty and skincare, and for helping with the running of this event!

Many thanks to Razia Tariq Hadait; the company director of Himaya Haven, who allowed me to do this event and helped to promote it!

Many, many thanks also to the incredible attendees who came! It was so amazing meeting all of you today, and I am so thrilled that you were inspired by Celeste’s story!

Info about the Himaya Haven can be found here: http://himayahaven.co.uk/
The Himaya Haven is a niche CIC that supports individuals affected by bereavement when a loved one is in prison. They run various workshops throughout the year and host regular coffee mornings and counselling sessions for attendees.
Celestial Touch Therapies can be found on Facebook via: https://www.facebook.com/CelestialTouchTherapies/





[1] Living Without Abuse: https://www.lwa.org.uk/understanding-abuse/statistics.htm


Reflections on World Mental Health Day: A Personal Testimony

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day (10th October).

1 in 4 people in the UK will have a mental health issue. As an individual who has survived severe depression, and is currently on medication for anxiety, this blog post is to commemorate the strength and resilience shown by those who have a mental health issue, and are fighting invisible battles everyday. It is also a personal testimony of my experience of depression.

When I had severe depression, I was 7 months into my Masters degree. I endured months of low mood, sleep deprivation, raging storms in my head (as best as I could put it). My energy and motivation dwindled, and all interest in my hobbies went. I found myself going through a black hole (so to speak) where I felt unloved, unwanted, worthless, plagued with guilt and empty…

As soon as rock bottom was hit, and I hated myself to the point in which I wanted to hang myself. I saw myself as a vindictive person, whose life was not worth living anymore…After getting help, support, and undertaking a ton of self-help activities including doing my own workouts and art therapy for self-healing,  I am now in a much better state mentally, and am much happier.


Shout out to all those who fight hidden battles on a daily basis… you are so much stronger than what you realise! You are loved far more than what you can comprehend too!

Much love to you all ❤





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What a Bloody Mess! The Red Box Project and Tackling Period Poverty

1 in 10 girls (10%) have been unable to afford sanitary products, and 1 in 7 have struggled to afford sanitary wear.
64% of girls have missed PE lessons because of their menstrual cycle
48% of girls aged 14-21 are embarrassed by their periods, and more than a quarter of girls said that they used sanitary products for longer than it’s intended use because they could not afford a fresh one…
What a bloody mess!
Period Poverty is an issue that is faced by girls and young women across the country. The Red Box Project tackles this issue head on, protecting the dignity of the girls and women, and ensuring that they are not missing out on their education.
Having recently set up a Red Box in one of the local communities near where I live, I ask all my friends to consider setting up a RBP in their local areas, and show their love and support to girls and young women.
For more information on the Red Box Project and how to get started (it’s really easy), see the website: http://redboxproject.org/
See also quotes from students and teachers:

A Call for Help

Since January this year, the Acocks Green Food Bank has been visited by those in need. We have new people showing up every few weeks, trying to make ends meet, and all in unique and challenging circumstances, looking for help.

Because of this growth, we have been short of stock for food, and are also in need of volunteers to help out. I am reaching to people to kindly donate (time or food) to the Acocks Green Food Bank. A little goes a long way, and training will be provided (for volunteers) and 2 large bags of food will fill 4 grace packs (for 4 clients).

We welcome everyone through the door, offer tea, coffee and toast (free) and enjoy a conversation and have a laugh around the table. We’re open twice a week; Tuesdays and Fridays, 10am-12pm.

We accept (and are in need of…):

  • Tinned foods
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Toiletries (including loo roll, shower gel, tooth paste, etc)
  • Baby food and baby products (powdered milk, nappies, etc)
  • Carton milk
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Sugar


If anyone is interested in volunteering at the Acocks Green Food Bank, we extend a warm welcome to you too! Come and spend a few weeks with us and see what commitment you’d like to make.


Many thanks in advance an much love to you all ❤

Most important life lessons my beloved mum taught me <3

 This blog post is a request from a couple of people who asked me to write about the life lessons my mum taught me following a few wonderful conversations on life with a work colleague and friend. There’s a lot of overlap between some of the lessons, and will link each one as I go through them. In no random order, here they are!


1)  Have Faith

Since I was a child, I have been raised in the Catholic faith, which has been tried and tested over the years. From what I have learned by keeping to my faith, is that prayers are answered, miracles happen, and your faith is stronger than before! Everything will always be ok (and God is watching over us).


2)  Be kind. Always

I cannot state the importance of kindness! Show it to everyone you meet! It is free, and makes the world a much better place! One act of kindness or a kind word can stay with someone for a long time, and you’ll be remembered for it. You can single handedly make a massive and positive difference to someone’s day or self-esteem, from simply being kind ❤


3)  Do NOT be ignorant

I remember the stern and fierce way my mum said to me and my family “do not be ignorant! Know all sides to a story, understand other people’s perspectives”. We were all children at that time, and that message has stuck with all of us ever since.


4)  Say your prayers

Prayers are answered every day, and manifest in the most amazing and unique ways! I’ve had so many prayers answered throughout my life, and I still continue to see prayers answered every day!



5)  Always look for the best in someone/something

No matter how bad a person/situation is, there is always a silver lining. Relating back to the first point on being kind always; a gentle smile or act of kindness can really bring out the goodness in others. You do not know what someone else is going through, so being kind and looking for the best in others can make a world of difference, as well as maintaining a positive outlook.


6)  Push yourself out your comfort zone and try something new

Life exists outside of the household! I was always taught as a child to try something new, for everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. Try this, for example, consider what you did last year, and what you’re doing now; how much as a person have you grown? What have you learnt about yourself?  


7)  Have faith in yourself


When faced with a situation where others put you down, tell you that you cannot do something, and prove them wrong! Nay-Sayers, critics and those who are quick to tear you down are often riddled with their own insecurities and feel the need to shoot others down. Having faith in yourself can lead to acts of courage and you can really surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!


8)  Have a positive outlook/mind

A positive mind is very powerful! Positivity attracts, and can make everything much easier than by being negative. Keep positive thoughts flowing and your wellbeing will improve as will your outlook on life.


9)  Be prudent with your actions

Think about the long-term impact your actions have on others, on yourself and those around you. From a young age, I was taught to be prudent with how I treat others, and everyday learning life skills, such as managing money, cooking, etc. Consequential thinking (as it can also be called) has helped me to think more about the wider impact my actions have on myself and on others.


10)      Laugh at everything!

We all need a laugh, don’t we? It’s the best medicine, and it can make a situation seem much less worrying/upsetting when we look back and laugh at it with others. Learning not to take everything so seriously and to laugh about things that happen can make life so much better. Even at times where things are serious, get through it, and laugh about it; it will all be over at some point!

Words of wisdom from my mum: “if you can cope with stress, you can cope with life. If you can cope with stress and keep a sense of humour, you’ll fly through life”



11)      Love yourself!

This is one of the top few of the most important life lessons that my mother taught me! LOVE YOURSELF! You cannot love others if you don’t love yourself! Self-love is important, as it demonstrates that you also respect yourself, and will not allow anyone to put you down!


12)      Stay humble!

No-one likes an arrogant so and so! I was always taught to be humble. Humility is about being humble; it’s about knowing who you are and staying grounded. You can be praised and complimented, but it does not swell your ego, and you do not become big-headed. Likewise, someone can be rude and insult you, but you do not let it affect you because know who you are and are grounded.


P.S. Love you mum! You’re incredible!