Spreading Love and Gratitude

“Oh thank you love! That’s very touching!”

“Aww that is so thoughful! Thank you very much!”

In life, some of the best things are free.

Love. Kindness. Gratitude. Happiness (And many other things too)

Since being in furlough, I have adjusted my daily routine to keep me busy. When out and about, whenever I went past a postal worker, nurse, retail staff member, or any other front line staff, I have expressed my gratitude for their service during this time. All greatly recieved by the people I met.

In their faces, I could see the gratitude and appreciation; their eyes lighting up and warm smiles on their faces.

“Thank you – we all really appreciate this!”

That is so wonderful of you! Thank you!”

Being on furlough, meant that I am able to go to the food bank more regularly. The donations to support the food bank have continuously flooded in, and we even got fresh food, tons of miniature cartons of juice, and fruit and vegetables.

Each week, I decided to show more to show love and gratitude to our front line staff, and to remind them of how important their service is to the community.

Packing some bags with bottled water and miniature cartons of orange juice, I commenced my daily walk around my village after helping at the food bank. Whilst out, I distributed the water and orange juice to postal workers, the village warden, the butchers, retail workers, nurses, taxi drivers, support workers, b7s drivers, council workers and others who were still going to work to help others.

The joy in their faces, the glow in their eyes, and the warmth in their smiles said it all ❤

An unexpected encounter with someone they do not know, and to be acknowledged with gratitude and a small gesture made a difference to their day. Some had tears in their eyes, and others were lost for words.

During this time when there is so much uncertainty; people are anxious, let’s all do more to show our appreciation and love for frontline staff ❤

As previously blogged about in Love, Resilience and Practicality in the face of a Pandemic work was already being done to express gratitude and support to front line staff. On this occasion, I decided to make it more personal, and to give an individual thanks to each front line staff that I see when I’m out for my daily walk.

It took a pandemic for people to realise the importance of postal workers, retail staff, NHS workers, and all other Key Workers… Let’s all show our love for front line, NHS and care staff ❤

Next time you go out for your daily walk/exercise, show your gratitude to front line staff ❤

Spread love and gratitude, and be safe❤

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