Compassion for those in Crisis

Life – the most precious gift we have.

From the moment of conception, we are new human beings (1) (2), deserving to be treated with love, compassion, respect and dignity, throughout the entirety of our lifespan. Through my local church, Holy Souls Catholic Church, I have been inspired by the continual acts of love, charity and compassion that have been demonstrated by the parish.

As my involvement in the church parish has grown, I have fully immersed myself, and sought out opportunities to do what I can and involve the parish to help others in the community, both locally and internationally.

Whilst at the Acocks Green Food Bank one day, I was approached by staff at Voice Fostering, who said to me that they get massive donations of baby clothes and toys which are not needed. I asked them for the donations, so that they could all go to women facing crisis pregnancies, and who are in need of help, support, counselling and love.

After liaising with the Parish Priest, Fr Jonathan, and staff from Life (3), I was permitted to take the enormous donation of clothes to the church, where staff arranged for it to go to helping women. I had been given 11 bags of clothes and toys, that was sorted through, and arranged into huge 4 bags to save space and make it easier for transportation. On 7th October (2019) all 4 bags were left at the church. Fr Jonathan was overjoyed by the generous donations that had been made, and helped me move them into one of the side rooms.

I had arranged for staff from Life, who are based in the West Midlands area, to come down and collect all the donations, which will be taken to women in crisis. This project within the church is an ongoing one where I will continually be receiving donations from Voice Fostering to go to helping women in crisis.

If you know anyone who is facing a crisis pregnancy, or is in need of help, please get in touch at these Life Helplines:

National Helpline  – 08 08 802 5433  – 9am to 6pm  Monday to Friday
Text to talk Service  – 07860077339
Emails :  or










(1) NAAPC (2019) ‘Why Life Begins at Conception’ Available online at:  Accessed on 06/10/2019

(2) Life Matters World Wide ‘When Does Life Begin? Life Begins at Conception’ Available online at:  Accessed on 24/10/2019

(3) Life Charity (2019) ‘Pregnancy Matters, Life Matters’ Available online at:  Accessed on 06/10/2019

































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