Incredible Women!

October is domestic violence awareness month.

1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Each week 2 women are killed, and 30 men are killed per year year as a result of this [1].

On October 25th, myself and my incredible friend; Celeste, arranged to lead a community workshop on domestic violence at the Himaya Haven, in Sparkbrook, Birmingham.

It was started off with a personal testimony shared by Celeste, which fostered an open discussion  with the attendees sharing their own personal experiences of domestic abuse, voicing issues such as honor based violence, toxic masculinity, victim-blaming, the breadth of domestic abuse (such as emotional abuse, financial control, controlling behaviours, etc) and the range of challenging and traumatic situations people find themselves in when experiencing domestic violence.

Following the discussion, everyone was given a handmade, painted card with the words “I am” written on the back, with 2 lines underneath. I asked all attendees to write down positive affirmations about themselves which they could keep (I am loved. I am precious, etc). This was to help boost self-esteem and give the women something to keep for themselves after the event.

After a short coffee break, Celeste then went into delivering her facial and skincare session, where she gave the women a chance to try out different moisturisers, oils and creams, and make them look and feel beautiful and refreshed. This event was very well received by the women who attended who expressed their thanks and gratitude.

Here are some comments shared by the attendees:

“I found it really inspiring. I was touched by Celeste’s story and I loved the way she delivered it! I felt so welcomed here!”

“I loved the pampering session at the end!”

“I liked the other women’s stories and would like more workshops like this”


Many thanks to my incredible friend, Celeste, who came and gave her testimony and shared her skills and wisdom on beauty and skincare, and for helping with the running of this event!

Many thanks to Razia Tariq Hadait; the company director of Himaya Haven, who allowed me to do this event and helped to promote it!

Many, many thanks also to the incredible attendees who came! It was so amazing meeting all of you today, and I am so thrilled that you were inspired by Celeste’s story!

Info about the Himaya Haven can be found here:
The Himaya Haven is a niche CIC that supports individuals affected by bereavement when a loved one is in prison. They run various workshops throughout the year and host regular coffee mornings and counselling sessions for attendees.
Celestial Touch Therapies can be found on Facebook via:





[1] Living Without Abuse:


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